heartland of

traditional Irish music


Cliffs of Moher Hotel is a cultural boutique hotel. 

We have some of the best traditional and other genre musicians in the country playing regularly in the hotel during the summer months - see schedule here. 

We have one of the finest hotel collections of Irish & International art, showcasing an extensive collection of 20th century Irish and contemporary Irish and international art. See our art collection here. 

Each bedroom contains unique artwork, mostly contemporary landscapes of The Burren and surrounding areas, as well as a selection of carefully curated books of Irish and other interest. 

In the Bloody Cranesbill Bar our emphasis is on portraits of Irish writers, dramatists and artists of the 20th Century. In the lobby we have contemporary landscapes of the Cliffs of Moher by artists such as Henry Morgan, Cecil Maguire & many others. In KillStephen Restaurant we showcase large scale canvases by contemporary Irish artists such as Arthur Maderson, Colin Davidson, Catherine Creaney, & others.